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Pre and post-nuptial agreements are becoming more and more common in the UK and throughout the world. It is only natural that you want to protect your assets and ensure that you get the best deal should something go wrong, and many people like you do the same on a daily basis. Contact a member of our Family Law London team on 020 3962 0756 today to see how we can help you with pre and post-nuptial agreements in London.
When entering into it, no couple thinks that their marriage or civil partnership will end. Many people think that these agreements can be seen as something which condemns a relationship from the start, not to mention being unromantic. This is an outdated view, and it is realistic that people want to protect themselves should their relationship breakdown, something which happens more frequently than it ever has before. Having a pre or post-nuptial agreement in place means that many couples can avoid the costs involved in divorce, and allow couples to have a ‘clean break’ at the end of their relationship, avoiding long and drawn-out divorce proceedings.

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What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

No-one goes into a marriage thinking that it will end badly. Despite this, it is important to protect your rights and control of your assets in the event of the breakdown of your marriage. A pre-nuptial agreement is an agreement that a couple enters into before they get married. It is used by couples to make financial provision in the case that their marriage breaks down. Pre-civil partnership agreements are the equivalent agreement for those who are about to begin a civil partnership.

A pre-nuptial agreement is advised in a number of circumstances. If you have significant assets that you wish to be protected in the event of divorce, then it is strongly recommended that you enter into one of these agreements. Those who have already been married and have assets from this marriage can separate these assets from the new partnership, to ensure that property and the care of children are not split between three people. If your partner is a foreign national, it may be in your best interests to enter into a pre-nuptial agreement to protect you should proceedings be made against you in more than one country.

What is a Postnuptial Agreement

A post-nuptial agreement is an agreement that couples can enter into after marriage, and while the couple are still living together. The agreement allows couples to consider their finances should their marriage breakdown. There is a similar agreement available for those who are in civil partnerships, known as a post-partnership agreement.
People want to enter into post-nuptial agreements with their partners for a number of reasons. There are couples who married without realising that they could have signed a pre-nuptial agreement. For these couples, a post-nuptial agreement is a good way to decide what will happen to their assets and finances in the event of divorce. The choice to sign a post-nuptial agreement can help give both partners reassurance that their demands will be met should the marriage or civil partnership end.

How we can help

Divorce cases can often be messy, and anything that couples can do to protect themselves from entering into these proceedings is recommended. Often couples can see the turmoil that friends or family are subjected to when entering into divorce proceedings, and as such may decide that entering into a post-nuptial agreement is not only in their best interests, but in the interests of any children who are part of the family.
Our team of dedicated family law experts are on hand to deal with any divorce issues you might have. We know how difficult going through divorce can be for you and your family. Our expert team endeavour to provide all our clients with a friendly, professional and reliable experience. If you have any family law matters you wish to take care of then we suggest you contact us immediately. Speaking to a solicitor early in the divorce process minimises problems and ensures that you get the best outcome for your circumstances. We ensure the impact on your life is minimal, and in particular disruption to any children under the age of 16 is negligible.

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