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Adoption can be an emotional issue, and our team of family lawyers understand the ways to deal with adoption cases to ensure that you receive a service that is efficient, friendly and professional. Contact Family Law London today to see how we can help you. Call our trusted adoption lawyers today on 020 3962 0756.
Adoption is a way to give a child an upbringing with a loving family in a permanent home. As well as being a way to help children who can no longer be taken care of by their own families, for whatever reason, it is a way for those who are unable to have children to create a family of their own.
Adoption is a serious commitment for all involved, and it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. The lasting impact that an adoption which doesn’t work out can have on a child is immeasurable, and this must be considered by anyone looking to adopt. When a child is adopted they stop being a member of their birth family, and legally become a member of their adoptive family.

The Adoption Process

While you must have a permanent residence in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of man, you do not have to be a British citizen to be able to adopt a child in the UK.
Adoption is a complicated process, and it is important that you choose experienced family lawyers that you can trust. This will ensure that your interests as well as the rights of the child are protected. Speak to a member of our team today if you are thinking of adopting, and see how we can help you.
We have experience dealing with a number of adoption cases like yours. Our expertise in dealing with all areas of family law mean we are best suited to ensuring your case has the best possible outcome. Examples of how we can help you include:
● Domestic adoption● Bringing a child into the UK to adopt● Having an international adoption recognised in the UK● Helping if you want to take a child abroad for adoption● Advising on your ability to adopt● Partners looking to adopt (step-parent adoptions)

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Our team of dedicated family law experts are on hand to deal with any issues you might have. We know how difficult family law issues can be, and we endeavour to provide all our clients with a friendly, professional and reliable experience. If you have any adoption issues you wish to take care of then we suggest you contact us immediately. Speaking to a solicitor early in any process minimises problems and ensures that you get the best outcome for your circumstances. If you wish to speak to a member of team today, then do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us by filling in our online contact form here, or you can speak to a member of our team by phoning us on 020 3962 0756. We look forward to hearing from you.
When you deal with us, you know you are dealing with solicitors you can trust. We have vast experience in dealing with divorce cases, as well as other areas of family law, including:

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We have a team of expert family law solicitors who are on hand to assist you. Our team take a caring approach and look to resolve issues in as conflict free a manner as possible.

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